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Nag Hammadi Library - The Hypostasis of the Archons 86:27-31

Marcion - Revelator of True Gnosis

software exploring original Gnostic scriptures

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current version: 1.8.3
copyright © 2009-2016 Milan Konvicka

This software is published under the GPL v2 license.

Marcion is an educational software forming an integrated study environment of ancient languages (esp. Coptic, Greek, Latin and Hebrew) and providing necessary tools and resources (dictionaries, grammars, texts, manuscripts). Although Marcion is focused on to study the gnosticism and the early christianity, it is a customizable universal library working with various file formats (html, pdf, djvu) and allowing to collect, organize and backup books and texts of any kind and search for words and phrases in a desired selection of texts.

Overview of primary gnostic sources in Coptic language delivered with Marcion: Nag Hammadi Library (all texts); Berlin Codex (all texts); Codex Tchacos (Gospel of Judas); Askew Codex (Pistis Sophia); Bruce Codex (Books of Jeu)

Overview of sources of the early christianity in Coptic, Greek and Latin languages: Septuagint (LXX); Greek New Testament; Coptic New Testament (Sahidic, Bohairic); Coptic Old Testament (Sahidic, Bohairic); Christian apocrypha (Acts of Apostles); Latin Vulgate

Overview of tools of Marcion: Coptic dictionary (W. E. Crum); Greek dictionary (LSJ); Strong's Hebrew dictionary & concordance; Coptic grammars (J. M. Plumley, H. Tattam); Latin dictionary (Ch. T. Lewis), Latin grammar (Ch. E. Bennett); simultaneous reader of versed texts, numeric converter between various ancient numeral systems; partially automated interlinear translator (word by word) of Coptic texts; Djvu reader; Pdf reader; and more ...

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main application & source code

binaries of Marcion 1.8 - Linux [1.8.3] | Windows [1.8.3] | Mac OS X [1.8.2, i64]

sources + data - all platforms

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for Android (experimental, basic functionality yet)


package date description
1.8.3 patch1 7. June 2016 (for Linux,Windows) autodetection of latin dictionary - fixed

Coptic dictionary (data)

It is necessary to rebuild the index of a Coptic dictionary data after the data was successfully imported, otherwise the Coptic dictionary will produce improper search results.

file last change
3357-8977-3 10. 10. 2015
(installed and indexed in 1.8.3)


text script language
searchable texts (utf8)
these texts can be used through the application only
Coptic New Testament Coptic Coptic (Sahidic)
Coptic Old Testament Coptic Coptic (Sahidic)
Nag Hammadi Library Coptic Coptic (Sahidic)
Codex Tchacos Coptic Coptic (Sahidic)
Berlin Codex (Codex Akhmim) Coptic Coptic (Sahidic)
Life of st. Anthony Coptic Coptic (Sahidic)
Pistis Sophia, Opus Gnosticum
update to version >= 1.6.5
Coptic Coptic (Sahidic)
Coptic Apocrypha, E. A. Wallis Budge
update to version >= 1.6.5
Coptic Coptic (Sahidic)
Coptic Martyrdoms
E. A. Wallis Budge
update to version >= 1.6.5
Coptic Coptic (Sahidic)
Coptic Homilies, E. A. Wallis Budge
update to version >= 1.6.5
Coptic Coptic (Sahidic)
Coptic New Testament Coptic Coptic (Bohairic)
Coptic Old Testament Coptic Coptic (Bohairic)
Gospel of Thomas (P. Oxy. 654, 1, 655) Greek Greek
Septuagint (LXX) Greek Greek
Greek New Testament Greek Greek
Acts of Apostles Greek Greek
Book of Henoch Greek Greek
Corpus Hermeticum Greek Greek
Homer, Iliad & Odyssey Greek Greek
Hesiod, Works and Days; Shield of Heracles; Theogony Greek Greek
Herodotus, The Histories Greek Greek
Leningrad Codex (vowels) Hebrew Hebrew
Leningrad Codex (consonants) Hebrew Hebrew
Leningrad Codex (accents) Hebrew Hebrew
Leningrad Codex (morphology) Hebrew Hebrew
Vulgata >= 1.7.1 Latin Latin
Vulgata Clementina >= 1.7.1 Latin Latin
King James Version Latin English
Bible Kralicka (Bible of Kralice) Latin Czech
Cesky ekumenicky preklad Latin Czech
transscribed texts
Pistis Sophia (djvu, txt - utf8 unicode) Coptic Coptic (Sahidic)
Books of Jeu (djvu) Coptic Coptic (Sahidic)
Prayer of Apostle Paul NH I,A-B (djvu) Coptic Coptic
Apocryphon of James NH I,1-16 (djvu) Coptic Coptic
Gospel of Truth NH I,16-43 (djvu) Coptic Coptic
Gospel of Thomas NH II,32-51 (djvu) Coptic Coptic


package description
Historical Atlas Historical Atlas by William R. Shepherd, for version >= 1.8.1


(under construction) user guide

Coptic dictionary

coptic dictionary | printedcoptic dictionary | tree viewcoptic dictionary | searchThe searchable Coptic dictionary is a cornerstone of the entire project. It is based on Coptic Dictionary by W. E. Crum (Clarendon Press 1939) and the data structure follows Crum's model. This online version serves as a demonstration mainly, most sophisticated features and search methods are set in the application itself, including the utf8 unicode input. The dictionary is still complemented, primarily from the gnostic scriptures, but from other sources also.

printed version (browse) | Coptic dictionary (search)

Greek dictionary

greek dictionary | inflectiongreek dictionary | searchLiddell and Scott's Greek-English Lexicon (LSJ). The data have an origin in Perseus Hopper[↓links↓] (and are available in Diogenes[↓links↓] project too). Perseus Hopper provides the best online interface of LSJ dictionary. This online version can to search for words in their base form only, the application allows to search for inflected words moreover, through the transliteraded or the utf8 unicode input.

Greek dictionary - LSJ (search)

Coptic grammar

coptic grammarsJ. M. Plumley, An Introductory Coptic Grammar. This grammar is referenced from interlinear translations of Marcion to paragraphs corresponding with individual morphs. It deals exclusively with Sahidic dialect of Coptic language. The hypertext version originates from the famous Metalogos[↓links↓] of Patterson Brown, who transcribed it from a handwriting (which can be found on Metalogos too) and edited it to the current form. Another highly recommended tools are „A Coptic grammar“ by Bentley Layton (Sahidic dialect) and „A compendious grammar of the Egyptian language“ by H. Tattam (more dialects, contained in Marcion).

An Introductory Coptic Grammar

translations from Coptic language

interlinear translationinterlinear translator | datainterlinear translator | sheetMarcion disposes by a tool designed for to creating interlinear translations of Nag Hammadi codices (and any other Coptic text of any dialect available in utf8 unicode character set) from Coptic language, which parses the original text into sentences and subsequently to words and it is able to identify individual lexems and morphs due to the coherence of a dictionary, a grammar and a database of grammatical entities. Although the translator works well and the database contains a sufficient amount of entries, a work with it is still difficult and consumes a lot of time, so translations grows up slowly. A main goal of the project was to create a collection of translations of Nag Hammadi Library texts together with a referential system reciprocally comprising the gnostic and the early christian literature in a deeper significance, but only one small step is done yet. The translator and the translations needs a many improvements. Nevertheless, the work continues and I hope that new translations will to be created.

Nag Hammadi Library Codex Tchacos
  1. codex I
    1. NH I / I
  2. codex II
    1. NH II / I
    2. NH II / II
  3. codex VIII
    1. NH VIII / II
  1. Codex Tchacos III

other involvements

Pistis Sophia

The Pistis Sophia (Askew Codex) transscribed into the utf8 unicode character set.

Pistis Sophia

Coptic Apocrypha

Coptic Apocrypha in the dialect of Upper Egypt.


Greek and Coptic unicode fonts

Marcion allows to change Coptic, Greek, Latin and Hebrew fonts to any preferred unicode font (in the case that a non-unicode font is chosen, the application produces invalid results). New Athena Unicode is used for Coptic, Greek and Latin scripts, Ezra SIL for Hebrew script by default.

font script preview
New Athena Unicode (recommended for this site) Greek, Coptic New Athena Unicode - unicode font
Antinoou Greek, Coptic Antinoou - unicode font
Quivira Greek, Coptic Quivira - unicode font

other unicode Coptic fonts[↓links↓]

external links

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Greek language

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Diogenes | Diogenes is a powerful tool for searching and browsing the databases of ancient texts (Latin, Greek), that are published by the Thesaurus Linguae Graecae and the Packard Humanities Institute.

Latin language

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Forum of the Coptic language

Coptic and Greek manuscripts

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manuscript, translation

Coptic and Greek unicode fonts

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Codex Tchacos - Gospel of Judas 3:2-6